While it takes time for a vehicle to reach a level where we can no longer use it, different parts of it can easily wear out before that time. One of those parts which are going to reach the end of their life is the rubber coverings we use for wheels or the tyres. Like with any other product we no longer want to use or we no longer can use, we have to take some action about these used rubber coverings.

If you look at the way people handle this situation you will see that there are different methods used by people for this.

Throwing Them Away

We have people who are going to just throw them away when they no longer have the need to use them. This is not a right way of disposing of these rubber coverings. Usually, when they are throwing them away they just add them to a garbage dump somewhere. That is not a good thing for the environment. However, some people do not care about what is right or wrong for the environment. Their only concern it taking care of their need which here is disposing of the rubber coverings they no longer use for their vehicles.

Using Them for Some Work

There are people who try to use these rubber coverings for other work. For example, you can see some people using these rubber coverings as a weight to keep the sheets they have installed for their roof from flying away with the wind. While this can be a good weight for such a purpose it is not a wise decision. If you do not take care to cover the rubber coverings properly they can gather rainwater and that can lead to spreading of diseases like Dengue as those mosquitoes lay eggs in clean water. Some people try to use these rubber coverings in their gardens for various things like children’s playthings.


Then, we have the option of repurposing. This is the best way to dispose of the tyre or the rubber covering you no longer use. With repurposing the world gets a chance to reuse the rubber coverings or the rubber from this product. It helps to save energy as we do not have to process rubber from the beginning to create new products. It is a good thing for the environment as the rubber coverings do not end up harming the environment.

From all these methods of disposing of used rubber coverings, you should choose the repurposing one as that is the best option.

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