An attractive resume will speak on behalf of you during the recruitment stage of the process. Your recruiter would shortlist you to the top of the pile, if you succeed in impressing him with a document before you do with your physical presence. Making the resume attractive and orderly is very important to get past this phase. Here is how you can make a neat yet attractive resume;

Organize content

The first step is to make the content attractive as the document will be. An empty document will not look nice against a well styled layout. So, the initial stage is organizing your qualifications and experienced well in your document, as every job hunting platform Singapore would require. When arranging the information into your resume, be sure to include your contact information at the top of the document, functioning as a letterhead.

Make use of templates

If you are not skilled with designing, or just don’t have the time for it, it is easier to use a template for this purpose. There are CV templates readily available on Microsoft Word which would make the document pretty and organized too. They come in different styles in which your information can be arranged.

Font and size

Choosing a great font is a key element to preparing a good curriculum vitae. Selecting a clear and thin font would do the magic, steer clear from using thick, dated looking fonts which would ruin the entire look of the document. Next is to choose a comfortable font size for the document, using font size 11 or 12 would work perfectly with ease to the eyes.

Make it clear

Be attentive when including heading and subheadings for the document. Using bullet points is acceptable given that the information is well spaced and has enough air to breathe. Refrain from using bolded block letters in it in order to seem polite and organized.

Get a little color

The norm is to prepare a resume that is black and white, but a little color would not hurt, but try not to get too artsy as it would confuse the recruiter or the read with everything that see happening around. Be clear to be very simple with the designing along with a touch of elegance.

All of the points mentioned above add to the contribution of an attractive resume, by following them accordingly you will be able to produce a clear and effective document which would make you stand out from the pile of CVs received, leading to be shortlisted too.

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