If you have taken a physics component, the lesson that you must have taken is resistors. Resistors are needed to guarantee that the current flow to a certain device is sent in the right amount. Device such as LED lights and also transistors are highly sensitive to current. This means that when they get a high current, the will be damaged and might not even work properly.

The best way to protect such devices is to use a resistor. When you have used the resistor of the right value, it will be so much easier for you to provide the right current to a device. This article will be focusing on the great benefits of resistors so that you can you know when you should invest on resistors Singaporefor your minor and even major projects.

To time devices

If you are using a device that works according to a timer or given frequency, it is because of a resistor. Resistors are used in most circuits as a timing device. Some of the examples of devices that uses resistors as timing devices are sirens, light flashers, etc. What holds the electrical charge that powers a device is the capacity. The resistor decides on the rate at which the capacitor receivers the current. By adjusting the ohm value, you can decide on the rate at which the current reaches the capacitor. With resistors, timing a device will be easily possible. The higher the resistance of the circuit, the more is the time that is taken to supply power to the device.

To divide voltage

Another great use that comes of resistors are that they can be used at voltage delivers. When a chain of resistors are chained together, they create a voltage divider. It is important to notice that when you have used resistors of the same value to the circuit, it will bring about a drop a in the voltage value of the circuit.  Therefore, when you are choosing the values of the resistor, you have to be considerate about the value of the resistors. A voltage divider is mostly used in cases where you need to provide lesser voltage to an electrical component.

For heating purposes

Another great use that can be made out of resistors is that they’re great for heating. The reasons for this is that they rapidly convert electrical energy to heat. This is the reason why resistors are majorly used in electrical stoves, toasters and other heating devices. Make sure that you get the calculations right when using the resistors.

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