When you are in Singapore, for you to be car owner of a car and use it without an issue, you are going to need a COE. A COE is a certificate of entitlement. When you have a COE, it gives you the right to use the vehicle without any hassle. This means that you will not have any trouble in registering and using the car in Singapore. Keep in mind that the COE lasts for only 10 years.
The reason why you have to get a COE is because Singapore has vehicle regulations. Therefore, in order to keep using the car without any hassle, it is always best that you extend the COE that you have. These are the great reasons why you should certainly extend your COE:

It’s a cheaper option than buying a new car

If you want to gain the cool features of a new car, you will want a new car, but you will also forget about the great investments that you have to make for it. If you want to limit the spending that you are doing, you should certainly look into getting the cheaper option. The cheaper option is to get extend the COE. If you are unclear of how to, you can look into how to extend coe.

When you look into the costs, you will come to find that you will have spent twice as much when it comes to investing on a new car rather than renewing the COE. You will be saving a lot of money and it will help you manage your finances much more easily as well.

The chance to benefit from lower depreciation

If you do your math, you will come to find that you will also be benefiting majorly on the lowered depreciation of renewing the COE right now. Therefore, make sure that you take the required steps into getting the best from it. Moreover, it will not be easier for you to gain the benefits of lowered depreciation when you buy a new car.

You will have your old car

Most of us, we tend to get attached to the car that we are using. If you are having an attachment with your, getting a new car might not be the best solution that you have and yes, it will not even feel the same. Therefore, you should always look into getting the better solution. When you renew the COE, you can keep on living your best life with the car that you have used for years and it will certainly be a great feeling.

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