Personal grooming is no longer a topic for the wealthy. Any professional who is working at an office is expected if not ordered to turn up in a pleasant and accepted manner. So what is grooming and how to professionally groom yourself? There are several methods to improve what you are doing as of now and many things to start doing if you have not already taken the relevant steps.

Be cautious of where you are

You spend more than half your life time at your job so looking your best is not optional but mandatory. Even when you are starting your career life, especially when you are going for an interview you will be paying attention on what to wear -a proper office dress or a suit- and present yourself in a nice way. Remember to continue the same way even after you start working at that office. Grooming yourself or at least turning up clean and pleasant is important; not only when you have to meet clients but also, when you are hanging out with your fellow employees. It is not their fault if you smell funny.

Office parties

This is one place where some people get it wrong. They try to look good but sometimes go overboard and are seen as weird or trying too hard. Remember an office party is not one of your soirees; you do not have to dress up like Cinderella. Choose a suitable professional looking dress and use minimum jewelry with just enough makeup, not too much. You can use one of the Epping hairdressers for hair styles but again make sure you are not trying to be the centre of the attention. Corporate events are usually organised for networking and bringing more clients as well as keeping the existing clients happy. That should be your objective not to be the centre person at the event.

Facing clients

How you dress and how you act when you are facing clients is very important .With the client you are not getting a second chance to make a first impression. Maybe you own a sales phone, so a person who contacted you via that is coming to meet you in person. No matter how courteous you are on the phone if when the person sees you, you look shabbily dressed, unclean and all over the place, the client will definitely make a decision to not to give you that business. Also remember that you are representing your organisation as an employee, therefore even if you are not usually a very well dressed person for the sake of the organisation you will have to change those habits at some point.

Being well dressed and prim and proper is not usually done for getting a job, but also keeping it. Remember it next time you want to show up in jeans and sweaters.

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