If you are a foreigner who has been living in Singapore for some time and if you think that Singapore is the country in which you can flourish and create a great future for yourself, you should certainly look into getting the Singapore PR. Just like when you are applying for PR in any other country, there are many things that you should look into. Meeting up the with the eligibility criteria for the Singapore PR gives you clear guidance on heading to your goal of becoming a Singaporean permanent residency.

One of the most important things that should be done with care is the filling up of the PR application. When you are doing so, the smart thing to do is to look into the          Singapore PR requirements. Follow this guide to make filing up the Singaporean PR application and getting your PR much easier:

The schemes available for the PR

When you are to apply for a Singapore PR, there are three schemes that you can choose from:  Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (For Arts), Global Investor Program Scheme (GIP scheme) and Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS). Look into the requirements of all these schemes and look into what you fit into the best. Once you have identified what your scheme is, taking the next steps after identifying requirements will be easier.

The Eligibility Criteria

When you are getting the Singapore citizenship, you have to make sure that that you meet up with the eligibility criteria. When you are applying under the GIP scheme or the PTS scheme, there are again categories that you can choose from: sparse and unmarried children below the age of 21 having a Singapore citizenship or a PR, aged parents of a person with a Singapore citizenship and investors who meet the criteria under GIP.

How long does the application take to process?

Once you have applied for the PR, it will take some time for the application to be processed and for you to get an answer. Usually, the time that is taken for the processing of the PR application s 4 to 6 months as stated by the ICA. However, in some cases, the processing time will be more for some applications.

Once you are clear of all the criteria and where you belong, the next steps can be easier to manage. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are well aware of which criteria you belong to and filling up the form carefully to get a sure pass.

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